Installation Script of GODI on Cygwin


This set of scripts install GODI and Cygwin from the scratch on a local directory without modifying an other installation of Cygwin. It does not create any shortcuts in the startup menu or on the desktop.


Edit config.bat:
  1. Modify/set the configuration parameters of the Cygwin configuration
                CYGWIN_SITE : Cygwin reporsitory URL
                CYGWIN_PACKAGES: list of packages to install
  2. Configure GODI:
                GODI_SECTION : OCaml version to install
                GODI_W32PORT : mingw or cygwin port
                GODI_DISTRIBUTION : Rockerboost version
                GODI_ARCHITECTURE : pc or w64
                GODI_PACKAGES : list of additional GODI packages to install


Execute install.bat


Cygwin is installation is in the directory cygwin_%GODI_W32PORT%_%GODI_SECTION%. click on cygwin_%GODI_W32PORT%_%GODI_SECTION%\cygwin.bat to open the Cygwin console with GODI installed on it. click on cygwin_%GODI_W32PORT%_%GODI_SECTION%\setup.bat to start the cygwin installer.

Test Suite

To execute the GODI installation test suite execute testsuite.bat. This script installs GODI with several configurations.

Generation of the Installer

  1. Instal NSIS:
  2. Edit config_default.bat and adapt the default values.
  3. call installer.bat on Windows or on Linux.